Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thought We're Only Friends

There's no use regretting now
There's no use of holding on now 
because you always there,

Because I got used to you

I didn't know it was love
I can't call out to you again 
I won't be able to ever call out to you again

 I say goodbye although it's not what I really mean

I guess I thought we were only friends
I thought this was only a friendship
When I'm missing you like this,
When I'm so frustrated like this
I deceived my own heart like a fool

I guess we can't even be friends now
I guess this can't be just a friendship
Because when I’m next to you, when I'm looking at you
I already know its love

You just say to forget it
You just say that this isn't it
You say let's stop this and coldly turn around

I'm not in your heart
I'm in the flowing tears

You say let's just be friends
You say let's just call it friendship
Even when it hurts, even when I tear
You pretend it's not and smile 

Can't you love me?
Can't you hold me?
Can't you for one day, for one moment
To love me?  

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